Statistics for Aquaculture: Studying Lab Measurement Variability Using the Coefficient of Variation

2024, Apr 01    

I don’t normally write about what I do at work (it’s not often allowed), but I’m happy to share a link to a piece I wrote with colleagues about doing data analysis and statistics in the aquaculture sector.

Shrimp farmers often have laboratory tests conducted of the water in their shrimp ponds. The data they receive provide vital information that they can use to adjust their farming practics, with the goal of keeping their animals healthy and attaining the largest possible harvest.

How reliable are the results of such lab tests? Using data we collected from 60 different laboratory tests of water from the same pond, we use the coefficient of variation to understand the extent to which tests of the same parameters from the same pond water vary across tests and across laboratories.

You can check out the full post here!